Appellatology Launches From SRMPC Unashamed-Toot-Your-Horn-Marketing Department; Mock Appellate Judges Wanted

Appellate lawyers are belt-and–suspenders types. We read the rules; then re-read the rules; then just to be sure, read them again. We check our cites; re-check our cites; then just to be sure, check them again.

We agonize over the legal briefs we write. And for good reason: more than 90 percent of appeals are decided on the briefs. We think our facts tell the story our judges need and want to read. We think our issues and arguments leave no room for doubt.

If there were a way to know if your brief does what you think it does, would you take it? Would your client want you to? If there were a way to know if your brief addresses the facts and the law appellate judges expect, would you take it? Would your client want you to?

Appellatology offers the way. We let you ask them. And you do it from the comfort of your office (or anywhere else you have a web connection).

Using the latest in web conferencing software, Appellatology puts together a mock panel of retired judges, senior lawyers, and academics to conference your brief, just like your appellate panel will. Only this time, you’ll hear it all before you file your brief.

We’ve stripped the process of unnecessary overhead expense. We’ve set it up so you can ask questions during the session. And everything will be recorded for your easy access, so you and your colleagues and your client can see and hear the session anytime.

What better way to tighten your belt and suspenders?

Learn more by clicking on the Appellatology button at the top of this page, or right here if you prefer. Rather talk to someone? Call me at the Steven R Merican Unashamed-Toot-Your-Horn-Marketing Department, 630-579-6460.

More Mock Appellate Judges Wanted
• Do you like reading the law?
• Do you have superior powers of analysis?
• Do you know good writing?
• Can you communicate your ideas and are you willing to speak your mind?

Then maybe you should be an Appellatology panel member.

Appellatology is building its mock appellate judge panel, and needs retired judges (trial or appellate), senior lawyers, and academics to fill the bill.

Why should you do it?
• Good pay.
• No travel.
• Geography not an issue because we do everything over the internet. (And you don’t need new software.)
• Enjoy the excitement of being part of a new service and working with other bright and terrific people.
• And it’s fun.

Call (630-579-6460) or email me ( if you’re interested. I’ll be happy to tell you more.

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