Class Certification Denied For Late Arrivers To NSYNC Concert

Pierre Petrich had tickets to an NSYNC concert. She arrived quite late because, she said, automobile traffic at and near the concert venue was poorly handled. Angry about missing part of the concert, Petrich filed a class action lawsuit against, it seems, almost everyone who had anything to do with the production of the concert. The gist of her complaint was that defendants “breached their contractual duty to ensure her timely arrival to the Route 66 Raceway concert venue.”

After the trial court denied a class certification motion, Petrich appealed. Affirming the order denying class certification, the court stated the difficult standard of review: “Class certification is entirely within the province of the trial court and its determination will not be disturbed absent a clear abuse of discretion or the application of ‘impermissible legal criteria.’”

The whole case, Petrich v. MCY Music World, No. 1-05-1903 (2/8/07), is available by clicking here.

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