Illinois Supreme Court To Review IRMO Gutman. Is Civil Contempt Petition A Separate Claim From Underlying Divorce Case?

I mentioned IRMO Gutman in my January 3, 2008 entry regarding IRMO Knoerr. In IRMO Knoerr, the Second District Illinois Appellate Court overruled IRMO Gutman, which was only two months old at the time. On January 30, 2008, the Illinois Supreme Court announced it will review IRMO Gutman.

In IRMO Gutman, the Second District ruled that a pending civil contempt petition was a “separate claim” from the underlying divorce lawsuit. As a result, the divorce matters could be appealed while the contempt proceeding was pending without benefit of a Rule 304(a) order (trial court may allow appeal of final order of fewer than all claims). In IRMO Knoerr, another panel of the Second District ruled just the opposite and overruled IRMO Gutman.

Here’s to hoping the Illinois Supreme Court will settle the matter. I’ll keep you informed.

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