Interview With Professor Ann Lousin Now Podcasting

Professor Ann Lousin is among the finest people I have known. Lucky for us she also is among the true experts on the Illinois Constitution. Soon after her academic studies, she was a researcher at the 1968 Illinois Constitutional Convention. In this first audio podcast on, Ann talks about the ’68 Convention and the surrounding politics, the Illinois Constitution and how it has been interpreted, and the prospects for another constitutional convention. (The question of whether to have a constitutional convention will be on the 2008 general election ballot in Illinois.)

This interview is broken into six segments. This Track 1 is 7 minutes 30 seconds, and focuses on the social and political climate in Illinois that gave rise to the ’68 Convention.

I am planning to broadcast a new segment of this interview every other day or so for the next 10 days.

Quick housekeeping note. If you want to listen to the interview now, just click on the triangle on the left side of the bar right below. To download to your laptop or iPod for later listening, click on the MP3 link directly below the bar.

Interview with Prof. Ann Lousin Track 1 re Illinois Constiutional and Constitutional Convention

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