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The Appellate Lawyer Representatives’ Ninth Circuit Practice Guide is available for the downloading from the Ninth Circuit’s web site. It’s a how-to for preparing and filing a brief in the federal appellate court out yonder in California. But it’s chock full of good tips no matter what jurisdiction you find yourself in.

You’ll want to look at the Top Technical Flaws In Briefs. Some of these are more than just technical. Don’t make one of these head-shaking mistakes.

Get the whole guide by clicking here.

The Appellate Law and Practice Blog reports on Malloy v. WM Specialty Mortgage, No. 07-1026, a First Circuit opinion that the blog calls “the height of appellate nerdery.” The court ruled that a premature notice of appeal became effective, and bestowed appellate jurisdiction, after the district court denied a motion to vacate what sounds like a conditional dismissal order.

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