Appeal Stands Despite Litany Of Deficiencies In Brief

Plaintiff bought a car that he claimed had an “unremediated defect.” He appealed after his case was dismissed at trial. The appellate opinion contains a list of horribles in plaintiff’s brief and the record — misleading Points and Authorities and Issues sections, lack of citation to the record, an incomplete record, to name a few. Despite the numerous transgressions from the Illinois Supreme Court Rules, the court considered the appeal, stating:

Given the deficient brief and record, it would be within our discretion to affirm the sanction [dismissal] order without further comment. Even so, we have read the transcripts of the three-day trial, determined they adequately convey the conduct at issue, and decided to rule on the merits of the sanction.

The entire case, Gonzalez v. Nissan North America, No. 1-05-3539 (1st Dist. 12/4/06), is available by clicking here.

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